About us
TED - Technology, Entertainment and Design. The story of TED has humble origins, a one-off conference in 1984 about compact disks, e-books and mapping coastlines using fractals. Slowly, the choice of panelists was expanded to include business tycoons, scientists, philosophers, religious and spiritual leaders and many others. TED, now, stands out as one the most unique, creative and intellectual highlights globally. TED also gave birth to a plethora of many sister events - TED-Ed, a medium of education through captivating animations, TEDGlobal - a global conference held at different locations in the world, TED Prize - giving the winner a chance to wish and change the world. Although TED had limited speakers and accepted people only with invites, TED has grown to include and accept all people into its family, continuously inspiring and pushing us forward.
Our Motto
"Ideas Worth Sharing" : We believe that for humankind to truly progress and achieve our potential, the exchange of ideas between people is essential. TED helps us list the problems people face even in the remotest corners of the world. This promotes discussions to come up with solutions and ideas from pioneers and amateurs in different backgrounds. Most ideas, often end up being ignored or rejected, and even the ones that are accepted are often not implemented. We aim to play our little role in guiding these embryos and nurture them with the hope that they help us progress and march forward.
Our Vision
At TEDxIITHyderabad, we envision a generation, only bounded by our imagination and dreams. A generation that can play a vital role in the conveyor belt of ideas, entertainment, design and techology. We create oppurtunities for our student and staff to meet the people who got their hands dirty in this conveyor belt and inspire them to get their hands dirty as well.